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Understanding Child Development
This course covers the stages of development from birth to twelve years.

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Social and Emotional Learning
This course covers the meaning of emotional intelligence and the importance of social and emotional skills in teaching and parenting.

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Understanding the Learning Process
This course will cover the basic theories of learning, particularly the behavioral and cognitive theories, and the more modern theories such as Brain-based learning and Multiple Intelligences.

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Writers at Work Technical Certificate Program
Your writing skills affect your professional image. The better your writing skills are, the better your image is and the better your chances for advancement. Effective writing in the workplace is an essential skill. Research shows that employers value workers who think creatively and communicate effectively. The Writers at Work Certificate Program consists of four 10-hour courses that will allow busy professionals a flexible path toward learning valuable writing techniques. The program begins with a valuable refresher of grammar and punctuation and then takes you through the process of writing clear, concise, and complete documents. The instructor is available at all stages of the course for tutoring.

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Writing Standards-Based Assessments
Give your students an edge on state assessments by learning how to develop test items aligned to your state academic standards. Through participation in this course, you will learn to write questions that meet your state and local standards, including those that use higher order thinking skills. Additionally, you will learn techniques item writers use to make it difficult for test-wise students to merely guess a right answer choice.

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Get Your Best Grades Ever Online
Learn from an experienced online instructor with years of teaching experience. This 40-page guide will show you step by step how to avoid the mistakes most students make when attending and online course. Get the most out of your online education. "A unique approach to the subject that reveals tips, techniques and the secrets every online student should know more about. I highly recommend this ebook and course of study" Dr. John Reid,

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Understanding Children with Special Needs
This course will provide parents, care-givers and teachers and any others working with children with information about situations that may affect the child's development. The main objective of the course is to help them to understand the different kinds of developmental disorders i.e. mental, behavioral, emotional and learning, to allow them to be better able to support a child with a special need.

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