Course Name
Chart Your Course to Emotional Intelligence

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
This course is designed to put students in charge of their learning process by identifying which emotional competencies they need to practice, and allows them to choose developmental activities which are best suited to their personal situation. Through fostering students� desire to engage in the process of self improvement, the use of feedback, case studies, and encouragement of practical application methods, this course provides a blueprint for the participant to develop an on-going, individualized plan of action which can be used to improve performance.

Utilizing the competencies defined by emotional intelligence, participants will be able to assess intrapersonal and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses and use this assessment to devise and implement a personal learning plan in order to enhance performance over time.

As part of the course, students will be given a workbook which will help them gauge their level of emotional intelligence and chart their course to improve competency areas. For their final exam, students will submit their plan to improve core competency areas.

Week 1
Students will participate in a 360 degree assessment of emotional competencies. Three-hundred sixty degree assessment includes Self, Peer, Manager, and Customer evaluations.

Week 2
Intrapersonal intelligence core competencies review. Students will participate and submit an "Ultimate Goal" exercise.

Week 3
Students will develop their �Personal Diagnosis� which includes an evaluation of their goals and action management abilities, people management skills, and analytic reasoning abilities.

Week 4
Interpersonal core competencies review. Students will engage in an on-line game which will help them assess their interpersonal skills.

Week 5
For their final exam, students will develop and submit a draft of their personal learning plan to improve designated core competencies.