UT Permian Basin Professional Education and Enrichment
Course Name
Introduction to the Administration of a Medical Office

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
The course is intended for individuals beginning in management or those aspiring to be in medical administration. It covers such administrative topics as practice analysis, staff assessment, and the new HIPAA regulations in a practical way. The information and resources utilized in this course are used for evaluation and basic training purposes. Designed with the “busy” professional in mind, the course also offers individualized assistance.

The course is laid out in a “4 week” time frame, assuming 5 hours per week; however, it may be completed in less or more time if necessary, dependant on the student’s needs. The course is “self-directed” in that the course is set up to allow a student to complete the lessons, assignments and tests on his or her own time frame (within, and cognizant of the college’s attendance requirements); however, “Instructor-led” with respect to reviewing accuracy and completion of assignments, grading and responding to additional questions or other assistance that a student may need. You should consider this course as a preliminary course or “step 1” on the educational ladder in the administrative arena.
While this course is intended for personal enrichment, it contains objectives and information that can be extremely beneficial to those who utilize them in a professional atmosphere. Books, Tools, Resources for the Course: Due to the nature of this course, you will be given a listing of possible references, books, resources and web pages for you to “check out.” This course is specifically designed to be a resource-learning program that allows you to enhance and expand your own knowledge base and achieve your personal goals in the medical office setting.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. identify through assignments, lecture, reading and group discussions how to better “manage” the administrative aspect of a medical office today. Additional Outcomes: Students will also be able to:
  2. Identify and analyze the overall office policies and procedures, as well as the unseen needs of the office to upgrade and/or better organize important issues.
  3. Identify concerns, problems, and needs of the company; including but not limited to collection, coding and HIPAA issues.
  4. Demonstrate a basic understanding of financial analysis, contract issues, and practice ratios.
  5. Exposure to and basic understanding of the new HIPAA regulations and requirements.
  6. Integrate concepts and solutions into the office policies and procedures.
  7. Incorporate and Implement skills learned with the staff.
  8. Evaluate other possible problem areas that are now evident.
  9. Address educational needs that must be met and evaluate different ways to better meet those needs.

You must complete all lessons/assignments and tests to pass this course. Each lesson includes student activities, assignments or tests that correspond and demonstrate the student’s knowledge about the subject matter. The course also contains a comprehensive final examination.


  1. Practice Analysis Topics include: Financial Record Keeping Requirements Reporting Needs Employee Relations
  2. Contains two parts: Collection Analysis Topics include: Insurance Agreements/Contracts Patient Accounting Mechanisms Needed Ratios Coding Analysis Topics include: Coding and the Staff Coding and the Provider Tips and Educational Requirements
  3. Educational/Training Needs and Goals Topics include: Staff Needs and Assessment Managerial Assessment Additional Tips and Information
  4. HIPAA Topics include: Description of Items Details Pertinent to the Administrator Dates of Importance