Course Name
Excellent English: A Writing Review - Part I: Sentence Structure

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
This is the first of three review courses that together provide an in-depth review of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, sentence structure and clarity. Students may take the courses in sequence or pick and choose the courses that suit them.

Part I of the review covers the most basic aspects of good writing: understanding parts of sentences and speech; ensuring sentence completeness; and conquering common problems with verbs, pronouns and modifiers. Students will read, study, complete exercises and take mastery quizzes that will ensure their understanding of the concepts and revision techniques.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Distinguish the parts of speech.
  • Differentiate a complete sentence from a fragment.
  • Identify direct and indirect objects.
  • Determine which case to use in a given situation ("I" or "me," "who" or "whom").
  • Identify and correct misplaced modifiers.
  • Differentiate between the plural and the possessive.
  • Choose correct words and express themselves more accurately.
  • Use memory tricks and devices to remember what they have learned.

  • Students will complete a variety of exercises that reinforce the material.
  • After each lesson, students will take a multiple-choice quiz.
  • After the final lesson, students will take a multiple-choice exam.

Required Book(s)


Week 1-4

Through reading, studying and completing exercises, students will review the parts of sentences and parts of speech, including subjects, predicates, and types of clauses.