Course Name
Become a Professional Python Programmer Bundle

Contact Hours: 40

Course Description
Python programming is one of the most demanded skill sets in today's job market, and for good reason. Python allows you to do just about anything you can think of; web development, data analytics, game development - even controlling robots!

This Python Programming Professional Bundle is designed to get you up to speed with all the major Python skills you need right now. Learn on your own time and at your own pace, just be sure to learn this stuff.

What Can You Learn?

Python Programming for Beginners: If your knowledge of Python and programming is limited – or even non-existent – then this course is the perfect starting point for you. You'll be guided through the installation process and the various features and functions of Python, and then you'll put your knew found knowledge to practical use by solving 'real life' programming problems. Ideal for either programming beginners or experienced programmers new to Python.

Python Web Programming: Python is one of the most concise and easily understood programming languages out there, and one of its most popular applications is the web. This is the definitive python web programming course, designed for programmers, web developers, app creators, and anyone who wants to become 'code literate'. Not only will you acquire an in-depth understanding of the programming language and its application for the web, you'll get hands-on experience building programs too.

Python Game Development: Create a Flappy Bird Clone: As well as web development, data visualization and analysis, and a host of other applications, Python is a programming language perfectly suited to game development. With this course, you'll learn the easy way. Rather than working through hours of lectures and exercises, you'll literally create a game as you go. Who said picking up new skills can't be fun?

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib: Companies are finally waking up to the benefits that big data and data analysis can have for their business. However, the majority of them lack the know-how to turn this data into something easily understood, readable, and presentable. That's where data visualization comes in. Using Python in conjunction with Matplotlib, you can create just about any 2D or 3D graphs, bar charts, scatter plots, and more.

Data Analysis with Python and Pandas: Data analysis is one of the most sought-after skills from the biggest companies in the world, and guesses what? Python can be used to do it. Working with Pandas, you'll learn how to import and export data in a wide variety of forms, and organize and manipulate it into whatever way you need. Combined with our Data Visualization with Python course below, it's all your need to become a genuine data guru.

Learn Python Django from Scratch: If you already have some experience with Python, web development or both, then this is the perfect course to take your expertise to the next level. Working in conjunction with Django you'll create a website from scratch featuring map integration, e-commerce functionality and a host of other complex features. Master this skillset, and you'll be all set to take the web by storm with database-driven yet simple and beautiful sites.

Please note: course of study can be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.

This Python Programming Professional Bundle is designed to get you up to speed with all the major Python skills you need right now.

Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia Presentations - Our courseware includes instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios explained by the instructor. We always focus on real world scenarios and skill-set development.

Quizzes & Exam Simulators - The custom practice exams prepare you for your exams differently and more effectively than the traditional exam preps on the market. You will have practice quizzes after each module to ensure you are confident on the topic you have completed before proceeding. This will allow you to gauge your effectiveness before moving to the next module in your course. These courses also include practice exams designed to replicate and mirror the environment in the testing center. These exams are on average 100 questions to ensure you are 100% prepared before taking your certification exam.

Required Book(s)
All training is delivered online; no additional purchase required.

Python Programming for Beginners
Getting Started with Python
Variables, Loops and Statements
If Statements
Functions and Global and Local Variables
Understanding Error Detection
Working with Files and Classes
Intermediate Python
Final Project
Python Web Programming
Python Programming Review
Basic Database (SQLite) with Python
Using Python with the Internet
Working with HTML
Intro to Web Server Programming
MySQL database with Python
Python's Flask Web development Framework
Course Conclusion
Learn Python Django From Scratch
Overview of the Final Project
Introduction to Django
Quiz Review
Creating a User Authentication System
Quiz Review
Front ending
Quiz Review
Quiz Review
File Uploading, Ajax and E-mailing
Quiz Review
Geolocation and Map Integration
Quiz Review
Django Power-Ups: Services and Signals
Quiz Review
Testing Your Site
Quiz Review
Course Conclusion
Data Analysis with Python and Pandas
Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Pandas
IO Tools
Pandas Operations
Handling for Missing Data / Outliers
Combining Data frames
Advanced Operations
Working with Databases
Course Conclusion
Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib
Course Introduction
Different types of basic Matplotlib charts
Basic Customization Options
Advanced Customization Options
Geographical Plotting with Base map
3D graphing
Course Conclusion
Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
Introduction to the Course
Essential Constructs
The Python Object
The Constructor/Destructor Magic Methods
Class Inheritance
Final Project
Course Conclusion
Python Game Development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone
Introduction to the Course and the Game
Graphics Setup
Creating Input Controls
Boundaries, Crash Events and Menu Creation
Creating Obstacles Using Polygons
Game Logic: Using Block Logic
Game Logic: Success Or Failure
Creating the Score Display
Adding Colors and Difficulty Levels
Python Libraries Bundle - Scrapy, SciPy, NumPy, IPython, BeautifulSoup
Python Scrapy Scrape Web Data Using Python
Python SciPy The Open Source Python Library
Python NumPy Scientific Computing with Python
Learn iPython The Full Python IDE
Python BeautifulSoup Extract Web Data Beautifully