Course Name
Certificate Course in Technical Business Writing for Engineers

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
This class provides a foundation for engineers and other technical communicators who are seeking to be more proficient at writing technical documentation. The certificate course provides a fundamental description of the necessary steps in planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing/submitting technical content.

The student is introduced to professionally written short and long form business and technical templates. These include business reports; proposals and other types of technical content that an engineer will encounter in the workplace.

The templates provide proven sample documents to build a professional appearing document. Examples may include a proposal of a new project, the development of a specification or performance criteria among many other types of documents used by the engineering community. The student is given access to other sample templates that can be used for class exercises related to the engineering or technical profession.

Upon successful completion, students will understand the foundations of technical writing and have access to a wide variety of technical writing templates that are available to them for use in their professional work.

At the time of successful course completion, Technical Writing Certificate Badges are generated. They recognize and verify that specialized learning has taken place in the subject area enrolled in. Our Official Digital Badges can be used to display a skill set and achievements on social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as well as on various job sites and much more.

This course has weekly assignments that are evaluated and responded to through e-mail or other direct communications upon request. The final assignment is the capstone of the course and assigns the student an exercise in developing their first technical document using a template system for step-by-step guidance.

Required Book(s)
Depending on what track of study chosen students are required to purchase one or more writing templates from These include, Business Plan $19.99, Proposal Manager Template $19.99, Request for Proposal $14.99, Software Testing Deluxe Package $49.99,Change Management Form $19.99,Project Management Plan $9.99,Statement of Work $9.99,Technical Writing Template $9.99

Welcome: New Frontiers of Technical Writing

Lesson 1- Technical Writing- Introduction

Workplace writing- looking at news and identifying your workplace documents
Skills required for the business or technical writers
Improving writing skills and expanding your capabilities
Questions for writing in the digital age
Your business writing environment today- a survey
Lesson 1 Assignment

Lesson 2- Business Communications and the Short Form Document

Short Form Business Documents
Business Letters
Lesson 2 Assignment

Lesson 3- The Long Form Business and Technical Document

Business Reports
Technical Reports
Business and Technical Report Articles
Identify Business or Technical Reports you have to write
Technical articles by the instructor
Lesson 3 Assignment

Lesson 4- Forms Central- The Business and Technical Proposal

Templates for technical writing
How to prepare a business proposal- video
How to write a technical report
Understanding the challenges and selecting the write document template
Templates for expanded applications
Proposal templates
Whitepapers templates
Standard Operating Procedures templates
Marketing Plan templates
Business Plan templates
Technical Writing templates
User Guide templates
Social Media Policy templates
Software Testing templates
Software Development templates
Disaster Recovery templates
Change Management templates
Business Rules templates
Case Study templates
Lesson 4 Assignment

Lesson 5- Template Case with Example

The Business and Technical Proposal
Other Templates and Technical Writing Assignments
Data Sheet Templates
Documentation Plan
Installation Guide
Release notes document
Lesson 5 Assignment

Lesson 6- Technical Writing for the Business Environment- Summary and Review

Conclusions for Technical Writing by Scientists, Engineers and Information Technology Specialists
Lesson 6 Assignment
Technical Writing Final Assignment
End of Course Survey