Course Name
Writers at Work: A Review for Professionals - Part 2: Perfecting your Punctuation

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
Correct punctuation is essential to good, clear writing. Incorrect punctuation can confuse readers, change the meaning of sentences, and reflect poorly on your professional image.

Part II of the review covers punctuation, providing a practical understanding of punctuation without the need to memorize countless rules. Weekly units teach the use of commas, semicolons, apostrophes, colons, quotation marks, and parentheses. Readings and exercises help reinforce your understanding of the concepts.

The instructor is available at all stages of the course for tutoring.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will gain these skills:

- Identify and correctly use various punctuation marks including commas, semicolons, apostrophes, colons, etc.
- Proofread more effectively.

    You will complete self-check exercises and a mastery test (graded by the instructor) taken at end of the class.

    1. Week 1: Review comma rules and usage.
    2. Week 2: Learn the correct usage of semicolons and colons.
    3. Week 3: Review the use of other punctuation marks including apostrophes, dashes, hyphens, quotation marks, and parentheses.
    4. Week 4: Learn techniques to proofread more effectively.