UT Permian Basin Professional Education and Enrichment
Course Name
Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
This course will teach you all you need to know to plan, define and create a website the right way the first time. You'll learn to navigate & customize Dreamweaver for the most efficient workflow and to style and design your site from the ground up including how to use CSS Designer & style sheets, add audio, interactivity and media, and work with popular third party extensions.

By the time a user is done with this training series he or she will know and be proficient in using Dreamweaver CC to create a polished, media rich, optimized website.

This course can be completed as quickly as you care to progress through it. As a benefit, the e-learner is provided 1 year post course completion access to this course including any updates that are made to the curriculum from the time of official enrollment.

You will learn how to:

  • Create an Index Page & Use Templates
  • Add a Navigation Menu to a Site
  • Insert Images, Rollovers & Links
  • Add Metadata & Keywords
  • Style Pages with CSS
  • Add Audio & Video to a Page
  • Create Fluid Layouts

This course allows for self-directed work and does not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.

Lesson 1: Introducing Dreamweaver CC

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Welcome Screen Options
  • Setting Preferences
  • Text Import Options
  • Setting Primary Editors
  • Primary Editors in Action
  • Different Site Types
  • Adobe Extension Manager
  • Installing Extensions
  • Adobe Exchange

Lesson 2: Where Things Are

  • UI First Look
  • Defining a Site
  • Managing a Site & Site Setup
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating & Using Templates
  • Adapting Panels
  • Arranging Workspaces
  • Properties Inspector
  • Design View
  • Code, Split, Live & Inspect

Lesson 3: First Page Layout

  • Sketching the Site
  • Creating an Index Page
  • Document Window Options
  • Site Root Options
  • Inserting & Adapting Text
  • Styling Text & Adding Images
  • Floating Images
  • Other Images
  • Adapting the Navigation
  • Internal Menu Navigation

Lesson 4: Further Pages

  • Further Pages & Links
  • Linking to Internal Pages
  • Saving & Naming
  • Rollover Images
  • Adapting the Color Scheme
  • Creating Lists
  • Special Characters
  • Setting Headings for SEO
  • Head, Meta & Keywords
  • Quick Contact

Lesson 5: Styling Pages

  • CSS Explained
  • Creating a Style Sheet
  • CSS Designer Overview

Lesson 6: Working with Media

  • Including Audio
  • Using Tables with the Audio Player
  • Integrating Adobe Flash Video
  • Incorporating HTML5 Video

Lesson 7: Fluid Layouts & Third Party Extensions

  • Fluid Grids
  • Third Party Extensions
  • Flexi Layouts 2 PRO Extension
  • Project Seven Extensions
  • Closing Credits