Course Name
Objective C Programming: iOS App Development Starts Here

Contact Hours: 40

Course Description
How the Course is Taught

This course is taught via a step-by-step tutorial system. You will start with tutorials for beginners who are new to Objective C programming and move through progressively more difficult skills. 
Why Take this Course?

You should take this objective C tutorial because it is comprehensive, easy to follow, inexpensive, fun and exciting! iOS app development is a huge industry, and if you really want to become an app developer, it starts with Objective C programming. 

Source codes are included for each lecture for practice use. 

As a result of taking this class you will learn:
  • To find and install Xcode development software
  • To work with Xcode
  • Objective C relates to iOS app development
  • Basic Objective C programming
  • Intermediate Objective C programming
  • Advanced Objective C programming
  • Graphic layout and design

There are no assessments in this course. You are expected to practice the skills you learn on your own. 

Module 1: Getting Started with Objective C
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Xcode's Default Program

Module 2: Beginning Objective C Development
  • @interface
  • @implementation
  • Methods
  • NSString
  • Description
  • Review of Classes/Objects
  • NSArray
  • NSDictionary
  • Fast Enumeration
  • NSMutableString
  • NSMutableArray

Module 3: Intermediate Objective C Development
  • Initializers (init)
  • Convenience Initializers
  • Memory Management
  • Autorelease
  • Object Ownership
  • @property
  • Categories
  • Dot Syntax
  • NSNumber
  • Selectors
  • Protocols
  • ID with Protocols

Module 4: Advanced Objective C Development
  • Key-Value Coding
  • KVC Key Paths
  • Key-Value Observing
  • Writing to a File
  • Property Lists
  • NSData
  • NSCoding
  • Blocks
  • Block Parameters
  • ARC Intro
  • ARC Properties
  • Class Extensions
  • Literals
  • Automatic Synthesis (+more)
  • NSPredicate
  • NSSortDescriptor
  • Methods w/ Blocks

Module 5: Conclusion
  • Conclusion to the Course