Course Name
Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business in 1 Hour

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
If you own a small business, you know that you need a mobile app. Over 30% of traffic on the internet now comes from mobile devices, and that number is growing. If you don't have a mobile app, you're missing out on a huge number of new customers.

Why Doesn't Everyone Have a Mobile App?

The problem is that having a mobile app developed for you is expensive. The average mobile app costs $5,000  $15,000 for just one app on one marketplace. Well, not anymore! You can build your own mobile app for pennies on the dollar and publish to all the major marketplaces.You don't need to be an app developer to build your own small business app, and you don't need any computer programming experience.

How is this possible?

We teach you how to build your own app using the two top rated app building tools on the web today. We'll make building and publishing your own app easy. We'll even show you how to create a mobile website absolutely free and redirect customers using their mobile phone to the more user friendly version of your site. Employing a mobile app and a mobile website is guaranteed to attract more traffic and generate more sales for your business.

  • 12 Month Access to All Course Material
  • Over 6 Hours of Content
  • Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business
  • No Experience or Coding Required
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on App Development
  • Publish to All the Major Marketplaces
  • Build a Mobile Business Website for Free
NOTE:  iBuildApp and Conduit Mobile are not free. You can build and publish free apps, but they will have advertising on them and/or have download limits. However, the services are reasonably priced and there are options for people who just want to build one app and options for those who want to start an app development business. Check out the current price list.

iBuildApp price list:

Conduit Mobile price list:

What you will learn in this course

  • How to build iPhone and iPad apps
  • How to build Android apps
  • How to build mobile websites
  • How to publish your apps to the major marketplaces
  • Graphic design and app layout
  • How to get help when you need it
  • Preparing your app's graphics


This course allows for self-directed work and does not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course Package

Module 2: Introduction to iBuildApp

  • Opening an account
  • Introduction to your account settings
  • Introduction to the app components
  • Community overview and how to get help
Module 3: Introduction to Building iPhone and Android Apps with iBuildApp

  • Choosing an app type
  • Introduction to app templates
  • app build page overview
  • App build process overview
  • Naming and iPhone or Android app
  • Changing your logo image
  • Editing background images
  • Changing button names and images
  • Changing app components (page types)
Module 4: How to Build iPhone and Android Apps with iBuildApp

  • Linking to web sites
  • Adding a tap to call button
  • Adding an e-mail button
  • Adding business contact information
  • Adding a Facebook page
  • Adding a Twitter feed
  • Adding RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Validating an RSS or ATOM feed
  • Adding a Google Map to a business
  • Adding your business to Google Maps
  • Adding a custom HTML page
  • Uploading videos
  • Uploading audio files
  • Streaming video
  • Streaming audio
  • Embedding a Google Calendar
  • Adding business events
  • Adding news releases
  • Adding coupons
  • Adding a photo gallery
  • Sharing photos inside an app
  • E-Commerce - Adding PayPal items
  • Bonus: Moving buttons in a template
  • Bonus: Preparing your phone for testing
Module 5: Building iPad Apps with iBuildApp

  • Setting up your first iPad app
  • Adding an RSS or ATOM feed
  • Adding a Custom HTML page
  • Adding a web page
  • Adding a photo gallery
  • Adding video streaming
  • Preparing your iPad app for publishing
Module 6: Preparing Your App for Publishing

  • Introduction to app publishing
  • Adding a splash screen
  • App settings
  • App info
  • Bonus: Hosting your app in the cloud
Module 7: Publishing Your Android App to Google Play

  • Generating your .APK file
  • Introduction to Google Play
  • Creating an Android Developer Account
  • Introduction to your Android Developer Account
  • Understanding your Android Market Account
  • Understanding Graphic Assets
  • Uploading to Google Play
  • Generating QR Codes for marketing
Module 8: Apple App Publishing with iBuildApp

  • Testing your iOS app: Part 1
  • Testing your iOS app: Part 2
  • Installing your app in iTunes
  • Certificates and provisioning
  • Submitting your app to the Apple App Store
  • Publishing to the App Store: Part 1
  • Publishing to the App Store: Part 2
  • Publishing Apple apps with a PC
Module 9: Introduction to App Building with Conduit Mobile

  • What is Conduit Mobile
  • Opening your first app
  • Understanding the user interface
  • What's free and what's paid
Module 10: Building iPhone Android and Windows Phone Apps with Conduit Mobile

  • Adding an RSS or ATOM feed
  • Adding a Twitter feed
  • Adding a Facebook page
  • Adding a custom page
  • Adding photos
  • Adding videos
  • Adding business contact information
  • Adding an About Us page
  • Adding Call Us and E-mail Us pages
Module 11: Graphic Design

  • Introduction to graphic design
  • Changing the color scheme and layout
  • Adding an icon and splash screen
Module 12: Building a Free Mobile Website

  • Building a mobile website
  • Redirecting users to your mobile website
Module 13: Introduction to App Publishing with Conduit Mobile

  • Testing your app
  • Submission options
Module 14: Android Publishing with Conduit Mobile

  • Downloading the .APK file
  • Uploading to Google Play
  • Updating your app
  • Submitting the Google Play URL
Module 15: Windows Phone Publishing with Conduit Mobile

  • Opening an App Hub account
  • App Hub membership
  • Downloading the .XAP file
  • Artwork
  • Submitting your app to App Hub
  • The App Hub lifecycle
Module 16: iPhone Publishing with Conduit Mobile

  • Submitting to the Apple App Store
  • Creating Apple Developer Certificates
Module 17: Course Completion