Course Name
Easily Build Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites with Conduit Mobile

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
You will learn how to create great looking cross-platform compatible apps and mobile websites all in one simple process. Create one app and submit to all three major app marketplaces with ease.

Start an App Development Business

Conduit Mobile allows its developers to use their app building tool to run their own app development business. The apps you can create are so robust and functional that an entire community of developers has sprung up around the world, and they are all making money building apps for their clients.

The student will be prepared to work with the following:

  •   How to build iPhone and iPad apps
  •   How to build Android apps
  •   How to build Windows Phone apps
  •   How to build mobile websites
  •   How to publish your apps to all the major marketplaces
  •   Graphic design and app layout
  •   How to test your mobile apps
  •   How to redirect customers to your mobile website

This course allows for self-directed work and does not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course Package

Module 2: Introduction to App Building with Conduit Mobile

  - What is Conduit Mobile
  - Opening your first app
  - Understanding the user interface
  - What's free and what's paid

Module 3: Building iPhone Android and Windows Phone Apps

  - Adding an RSS or ATOM feed
  - Adding a Twitter feed
  - Adding a Facebook page
  - Adding a custom page
  - Adding photos
  - Adding videos
  - Adding business contact information
  - Adding an About Us page
  - Adding Call Us and E-mail Us pages

Module 4: Graphic Design

  - Introduction to graphic design
  - Changing the color scheme and layout
  - Adding an icon and splash screen

Module 5: Building a Free Mobile Website

   - Building a mobile website
  - Redirecting users to your mobile website

Module 6: Introduction to App Publishing

  - Testing your app
  - Submission options

Module 7: Android Publishing

  - Downloading the .APK file
  - Uploading to Google Play
  - Updating your app
  - Submitting the Google Play URL

Module 8: iPhone Publishing

  - Submitting to the Apple App Store
  - Creating Apple Developer Certificates

Module 9: Conclusion / End of Course