Course Name
How to Bid and Land App Development Jobs

Contact Hours: 5

Course Description
Did you know that the average cost to develop a mobile app for a business is $5,000 - $15,000? Did you know that those prices are only for one Apple or Android App? If you could build your client an Apple app and an Android app for $4,000 or less, do you think they would hire you as their developer? Yes, they will!

You see the potential in the small business app development market, and now you know that YOU can develop mobile apps and mobile websites. Get started today and make an investment in your future that will make you tons of money!

The student will be prepared to work with the following:

  - Learn how to understand what your client's needs are
  - Learn to ask the right questions
  - Learn to sell your clients on why they need an app
  - Learn what your competitive advantages are
  - Learn how to develop an app development proposal
  - Learn how to handle your client after the sale
  - Learn how to get more business from existing customers

This course allows for self-directed work and does not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.

Module 1: Introduction to the course

Module 2: Listen and ask

Module 3: Sell the why, not the how

Module 4: Your clients' motivations

Module 5: Your clients' development questions and your competitive advantages

Module 6: Writing your proposal

Module 7: The parts of an app development proposal

Module 8: After the sale