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Audio/Music Tech 69+ Course Online Library

Contact Hours: 200

Course Description
Audio/Music Tech 69 Course Online Library

Our Audio/Tech library covers a wide range of music and audio recording industry topics with titles ranging from ProTools LE: Essential Training, Drum Tuning and Maintenance and Cubase 4: The Essentials, Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Soundbooth, Encore Titles and more.

How It Works
  • 24/7 Access: Access Total Training Online anytime.
  • Project Files: Work along side by side with the video instructor to see just how it`s done. Before you begin viewing your selected chapter, download the accompanying project work files so that you have them handy when the instructor references them.
  • Interface Features: Set your own pace for e-learning. Our instructional interface offers useful features such as fast forward, pause, bookmark a lesson, track your progress plus many more. Features such as these allow you to watch the course lessons and learn just what you want.
  • New content is added monthly, so the library of training available to you keeps getting larger, but you don`t have to pay for it.
And that`s not all, with these courses you also get the following:
  • The comfort of knowing a company with more than a decade of experience is your training partner.
  • The opportunity to learn from industry pros – experts in their own fields - at a fraction of the cost of an onsite class.
  • High quality courses that are produced using cutting edge high definition technology.
  • A knowledgeable Customer Service staff ready to help you with questions along the way.
  • And much more...

By completing courses in this library you will have a well-rounded knowledge of the entire audio/music tech suite of courses.

Project files are included with this course to aid in your learning. There are no exams or tests.

Audio Editing/DAW/Multitrack
  • Ableton Live 6: An Introduction
  • Ableton Live 7: The Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS3: Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS4
  • Apple Logic Pro 8: Essentials Training
  • Cubase 4: The Essentials
  • Introduction To Garageband
  • Introduction to Podcasting
  • MOTU Digital Performer: Introduction
  • ProFire 2626 Audio Interface
  • ProTools LE : Essential Training
  • SoundForge 8.0: Essential Training
  • What's New In GarageBand '08
  • What's New in ProTools 7.4
  • Antares Auto-Tune
  • Strike Virtual Drummer
  • Introduction To Garageband
  • Introduction to Podcasting
  • What's New In GarageBand '08
  • DJ Equipment Basics
  • Torq with Xponent
Legal / Copyright
  • Copyright and Publishing Law : For Musicians and Songwriters
  • After Effects CS3: Advanced
  • After Effects CS3: Essentials
  • After Effects CS4: Essentials
  • Encore CS3: Essentials
  • Encore CS4: DVD Workflow
  • Premiere Pro CS3: Essentials
  • Premiere Pro CS3: What's New
  • Premiere Pro CS4: Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS3: Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS4
  • Expression Encoder 2: Essentials
  • Encore CS5
  • Premiere Pro CS5: Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS5
  • Acoustic Guitar Miking Techniques
  • Build Your Own Guitar Effects Pedalboard
  • Guitar Effects Pedals: Volume 1
  • Guitar Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Guitar Rig 2 Native Instruments
  • How To Relic A Guitar
  • Battery 3 : Drums & Percussion Native Instruments
  • Drum Miking Techniques
  • Drum Tuning and Maintenance
  • Strike Virtual Drummer
Woodwind / Brass
  • Woodwind/Brasswind : Maintenance & Quick Fixes
Organ / Keyboards
  • B4 II Virtual Organ
  • Demystifying B3 Drawbars
  • FM8: FM Synthesizer Native Instruments
  • Subtractive Synthesis
Print Design & Publishing
  • Photoshop CS3: Advanced
  • Photoshop CS3: Channels and Masking
  • Photoshop CS3: Enhancing Digital Photographs
  • Photoshop CS3: Essentials
  • Photoshop CS3: Maximizing Productivity
  • Photoshop CS4 Extended: Essentials
  • Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced