Course Name
Violence in the Workplace

Contact Hours: 3

Course Description

This isn’t a video game or a television show; this is real. Violence in the workplace is a real problem, but in this important safety-training program, you will learn what individuals and companies can do to reduce the frequency and severity of violent incidents. Dispel the myths about workplace violence by learning the real extent of the problem and psychological criminal profiles.

You will learn from the insider’s guide the moves employees and employers should take. Walk through a real workplace example, and learn what an employer and employees can do to avoid violence in the workplace. Finally, if violence does strike your workplace, learn how to meet it with an effective incidence response.

No one gets hurt with a game pad or a joystick, but in the real workplace, our Safety Training Program can make all the difference. This course can be taken in a self-directed pace. You can achieve a completed program of study in as little time as 30 minutes.

You will have 1 year access to this course.

As a result of taking this course:
  • You will be able to apply this knowledge in the workplace
  • You will have an appreciable understanding of the subject matter
  • You will be trained in a systematic manner designed to get you up to speed on the subject matter in a short period of time


Testing as part of the course through exam simulation engines.

Violence in the Workplace

  1. Introduction - Myths And Misconceptions
  2. Statistics
  3. Co-Worker Violence
  4. Employer Responsibilities
  5. Training
  6. Security Safeguards
  7. Employee Responsibilities
  8. Case Study
  9. Post-Incident Response
  10. Things To Remember