Course Name
How to Control Your Worker’s Compensation Cost

Contact Hours: 3

Course Description
Cut! That’s a wrap! With our safety-training course “How to Control Worker’s Compensation Costs”, you will begin to leave many of those workers’ compensation bills on the cutting room floor. Perfectly execute a script that will bring together management, injured employees, insurance claims adjustors, state rating bureaus, and even lawyers to reach your goal of the lowest possible workers’ compensation costs possible, sometimes as much as fifty percent of your current costs.

You will learn how to work with employees and preferred medical providers to implement an effective return to work program. You will work with workers compensation insurance companies and state rating bureaus to receive the lowest experience modification rating possible. Learn to perform thorough insurance claims investigations. Finally you will learn to manage claims until each is worker has returned to their regular duties, settled, or fraudulent workers compensation claims are fully prosecuted.

Are you ready for lower insurance rates, get set for this training, designed to put workers’ compensation costs center-stage, and action! This course can be taken in a self-directed pace. You can achieve a completed program of study in as little time as 30 minutes. You will have 1 year access to this course.


  • You will be able to apply this knowledge in the workplace
  • You will have an appreciable understanding of the subject matter
  • You will be trained in a systematic manner designed to get you up to speed on the subject matter in a short period of time


Testing as part of the course through exam simulation engines.

  1. Cutting Worker's Comp Costs
  2. Management
  3. Safe Workplace
  4. Investigations
  5. Medical Providers
  6. Returning To Work
  7. Managing Claims
  8. Fraudulent Claims
  9. Using The System
  10. Modification Rating
  11. Set Goals