Course Name
Understanding Child Development

Contact Hours: 15

Course Description
This course will cover the theories of child development with special focus on cognitive, social and emotional aspects of development.

The student will be introduced to the major theorists such as Erikson, Freud, Piaget.

The aim of the course is to help anyone working with or interacting with children- parents, educators, care-givers, to understand the processes that children must go through as they grow and develop. This will help them to see that the child completes each phase fully and at an appropriate pace. The course will offer help in activities that will enhance each developmental stage.

The student will at the end of the course:
  • Be able to describe the process of development for children 0 – 12years.
  • Be familiar with the major theorists of child development.
  • Be able to understand what is considered normal development and to be able to recognize delays or unusual advances in a child`s growth.
  • Have some guidelines for assisting a child through the developmental stages.

At the end of each lesson the student will have a brief essay-type assignment to complete. This will be reviewed by the instructor. A percentage grade will be given. Students will be considered to pass this course on completion of all the assignments with a percentage of 70 and above.


  1. Introduction to child development: It is important to understand that development in children is a sequential process and that it should be measured by milestones and achievements and not necessarily by time. The basic principles of human growth and development are presented.
  2. Physical and motor development: This lesson outlines the process of physical and motor development in the child and some activities to promote these two aspects of development.
  3. Cognitive development:This lesson describes Piaget's Theory of intellectual development and looks at how parents and teachers can contribute to the intellectual development of children.
  4. Social development:This lessons looks at the theories of Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud and the process of social development.
  5. Emotional development:Emotional development is harder to observe and measure. This lesson presents some requirements for emotional development and milestones.