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We have posted our enrollment policy in order to help the consumer make informed choices prior to their official enrollment in our online courses. We also suggest how to avoid typical problems associated with online learning and technology use. 

Prior to formal enrollment, it is required that the student read over the course descriptions so as to be informed about course content and structure, start dates, as well as general information. They may wish to contact customer service for more information if they are unsure of what a course entails. This is strictly a responsibility of the enrollee.

Students should be comfortable with online learning methods and understand how basic Internet technology works. It is also suggested that those with an interest take time to read and research information on the Internet about online learning.  

A student who believes they may have a future change in plans during the course of study, or plans to change a direction in their lives that may impact on their course of study after formal enrollment (payment) or feels unsure of their abilities to learn online, should not enroll.  

Be sure to check with State Governing authorities in the case of certificates that may require approval in a specific subject area.  


If you have specific questions about a course or are not sure about what a program offers, please call our Toll Free number at 866-537-5376 before tuition payment is made. Students are also required to post their questions by writing to  JER Online works hard at making sure we respond and help students. Providing detailed information regarding any questions or issues is the student's responsibility.  


Students will usually access our courses using a web browser and in some cases through email or other means including Learning Management Systems. Depending on the course, some content may be delivered via CD, and other digital media. Students must have working email accounts and spam blockers must be configured to receive emails from us and our instructors or course administrators. It is a good policy to generally have a backup email address you can use in case of an emergency. A student must also possess a general knowledge about taking an online course and have the necessary expertise to navigate the web.

A course, product, or service we provide could be delayed temporarily when technology-related issues such as bad email address, network congestion, server issues etc. affect the start of a course. They may also temporarily interrupt a course already in progress. In this instance, the student is required to make direct contact with JER Online via our Toll Free number so that we may help assist them and also via email at 

If a course is enrolled in over a weekend which begins Friday afternoons EST or during a national or religious holiday, there could be a short delay in receiving access instructions or materials you purchased though JER Online or one of our affiliates. Generally these delays are quite limited in duration. All reasonable efforts are made to help a student gain access to a course when a start anytime date has been chosen, and the student expects to start the same day. In case of a delay the student agrees that they will grant JER Online reasonable time to process the enrollment and not seek a chargeback or other such means.  

Some of our courses are self-directed, meaning you work your way through the course on your own with no assistance. 

At the time of paid enrollment our system will generate an automated email from JER Online that will notify you that your enrollment is official. At the same time our instructors or course administrators will similarly receive an automated email. Within 3 complete business days all emails should have been processed and you will be given specific directions on how to begin your course of study. Books and other instructional materials such as CD's, and other digital media that are sent through the mail are processed the same day of an enrollment and may take between 1-2 weeks delivery time. IF THERE ARE ANY SIGNIFICANT DELAYS, AND YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION ABOUT YOUR COURSE WITHIN 3 COMPLETE DAYS OF YOUR ENROLLMENT YOU WILL NEED TO CALL OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER AND REPORT THIS PROBLEM. PLEASE CHECK BOTH YOUR JUNK AND SPAM FOLDER.


We will, under certain circumstances, such as medical, family and work emergencies work with the student to see what can be done to help get them past unforeseen obstacles. In any case, the student’s course enrollment will not be cancelled.  

All courses must be completed within the specified time period listed on our website. If you are unsure of this time period please contact Customer Service and make a written request for these details. If a student is inactive in a course for a period of time that is considered in our judgment to be excessive or unreasonable we will drop you from our program, or if you choose, you can be reinstated but will be assessed a fee. In some of our courses students are required to self-report progress through the program. 


Students who are officially enrolled (having paid for the course, product, service) may not withdraw themselves on or after the start date for any reasons.  Only JER Online may cancel a course and withdraw a student. Reactivation and Change of Course fees can be substantial and can only be granted at the discretion of JER Online. A fee is deducted from the cost of the original course price and is assessed for any course cancellation that a student may request and we may approve of.  In some cases JER Online may at its discretion issue a credit for other courses that we offer or transfer a student into another class in lieu of accepting a student cancellation request. The student agrees to these Fee terms.   

Certificates from our Accredited University participating partners can be purchased at the end of a course of study when the student has successfully completed the program. Contact for pricing on either domestic or international processing fees. In lieu, you may also ask for a free, letter of completion from JER Online. A paper-based Certificate of Completion from JER Online can be purchased for a nominal fee.  


If a student’s email bounces, JER Online will use our best efforts to make contact with you. The student is however responsible for maintaining their email account so that issues such as “disk quotas being exceeded” and other such problems have been attended to. Students need to be able to send and receive emails and warrant at the time of actual enrollment and during the term of service that their accounts are paid for and working and they have enough disk space allotted to avoid “bounced emails”. By enrolling in our program, students agree that they have the ability to accept cookies, and they are enabled on their web browser at a medium level of security.  Students further agree that they can receive and or participate in an online course and have alternative means and methods of receiving courses should they encounter a problem using their current CPU/Internet setup whether at home, work or school. 

In all cases where paid instructional materials such as Books, CD’s, digital courseware and other tangible goods have been sent to the student, the student will be charged for those non-returnable materials even if the enrollment is canceled.  


In all cases involving customer service questions, enrollment issues, and all other requests, the student is required to do two things: 

1. Call our Toll Free number listed above/below and make voice contact during regular business hours EST. Leave your necessary contact information if we are on the phone. 

2. Secondly, email us at with specific questions and details regarding information or requests you wish to make. You will need to give us up to 3 complete business days to respond. Speak slowly into the phone and repeat your number twice.  


I warrant that I am enrolling in this course for the sole purpose of learning the subject specified online. I agree that the contents of the course materials will be used solely for my instructional purposes only and that any other usage is strictly prohibited. I agree not to use these materials in any way so as to violate the trade secrets of JER Online, the provider of this program.

For any questions regarding this policy or our courses please call, email or write to the address listed below.


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