Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate Program

Full Description
Welcome to the Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate program.  Many nurses are using their skills to practice full or part time in this area. 

This Certificate Course will prepare you to begin a career as a legal nurse consultant. This certificate course is formatted for 90 contact hours of self-paced study with mentor feedback if needed. Upon completion of the course, participants will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion in Legal Nurse Consulting. 

Communication with the course instructor is by email, telephone, fax, and/or US postal mail. Participants may utilize any one of these means to communicate.
The course is presented in four (4) modules (i.e. each module is outlined below, including content and reading assignments. Following the completion of each module, the participant will take an examination.

The examinations for Modules 1, 2, and 3 are objective type exams. Following the assignments for Module 4, the participant will select one case study for analysis. The participant will write up an analysis of the case according to specific instructions provided by the instructor. 

Participants are given sixteen (16) weeks to complete the program. You may study at your own pace, and can progress through the course as quickly as you like. 

  • To prepare registered nurses to enter the practice of Legal Nurse Consulting with sufficient knowledge for practice at a standard required by the employment market.
  • To prepare registered nurses to practice in a variety of practice settings as a legal nurse consultant including; medical and nursing malpractice, expert witness role, toxic torts, product liability, insurance industry, law firms, health care related organizations, and as an entrepreneurial legal nurse consultant.
  • To gain the knowledge and skills required to comprehensively analyze cases for attorney clients, or other types of clients.
  • To learn effective report writing skills and presentation skills for analyzed cases.
  • To understand and practice legal nurse consulting with regards to high ethics and adherence.
  • To prepare new legal nurse consultants to increase their body of knowledge related to the practice of legal nurse consulting for personal and career growth.
  • To prepare registered nurses and practicing legal nurse consultants to successfully achieve certification by examination.
  • To prepare legal nurse consultants to develop their own marketing plans for career and business growth.
  • To provide legal nurse consultants with a college level credential for the practice of legal nurse consulting.

GRADING: Examinations for Modules 1, 2, and 3 are objective type exams. There are fifty (50) questions on each exam. The grading scale is: 90 - 100 % = A, 80 - 89 % = B, 70 - 79 % = C, 60 - 69 % = D. Below 60 % = F. Grading for the Module 4 examination (case analysis- written exam) is on a Pass/Fail basis.

Contact Hours: 90