Productivity Management & Leadership Success Training Program

Full Description
In the 21st Century, and its global economy, the skills of Productivity Management and Leadership Success are vitally important to an organization's longevity and success.

This course provides a proactive method of addressing issues of low employee morale, high turnover, and poor productivity/quality. This course evaluates the pros and cons of older and outdated methods of Productivity Management and proposes a new eclectic method with 3 years of proven research efficacy to back it up.

The benefits of learning this new method of personnel motivation will improve productivity, morale and quality of your product or service upon implementation. Readings will be posted on the LearningManagement system and as such there are no textbooks needed for this course.

Upon completion, you will have the information necessary to justify abandoning older and more flawed theories and/or methods of personnel motivation in order to improve productivity, quality, and personnel morale. Participants will learn how these three factors are directly related to increased profit and decreased turnover. Participants will be able to effectively and efficiently implement Productivity Management based on the Mutual Expectation Method of Management for their business.

In this self-directed course, evaluation of student performance will consist of successfully completing the Action Assignments in each Module of learning.

Contact Hours: 20