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Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers

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Title Instructor
Technical Communication, an Introduction for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers Watson, Andrew
Intermediate Technical Writing McMurrey, David
Advanced Technical Writing Gedeon, Kristi

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You Must Choose a Start Anytime or Fixed Start Date

The difference between either option is in the flexibility to purchase and receive service sooner (start anytime) than the dates listed (fixed start dates).

TWC901-1 Start Anytime
Ends 12/17/2020
TWC901-2 Starts 8/19/2020
Ends 12/23/2020
TWC901-3 Starts 8/26/2020
Ends 12/30/2020
TWC901-4 Starts 9/2/2020
Ends 1/6/2021
TWC901-5 Starts 9/9/2020
Ends 1/13/2021
TWC901-6 Starts 9/16/2020
Ends 1/20/2021
TWC901-7 Starts 9/23/2020
Ends 1/27/2021
TWC901-8 Starts 9/30/2020
Ends 2/3/2021
TWC901-9 Starts 10/7/2020
Ends 2/10/2021
TWC901-10 Starts 10/14/2020
Ends 2/17/2021
TWC901-11 Starts 10/21/2020
Ends 2/24/2021
TWC901-12 Starts 10/28/2020
Ends 3/3/2021
TWC901-13 Starts 11/4/2020
Ends 3/10/2021